Facebook Member page – Join us.   ‘SUSTRANs Newark’ Facebook site

The HOME menu gives details of:

  • “HOME” is bottom left underneath the photo on some mobiles/pads,
  • Who Newark SUSTRANs Rangers are,
  • The next ride event in detail
  • Remaining events in the year for your diary
  • The Essential Stuff you need to know when riding with us
  • What else is on the website – well:
  • To see what is listed under the drop-down menus check the list at the right hand side. Clicking an item will make it readable.

2 Responses to Home

  1. http://www.topflaps.co.uk

    Winter training mud flaps for bikes
    Thank you. Chris Connell

  2. mapaholic says:

    The website is loads easier to use now. Many thanks to Alan Severn for all his work on this.
    Might be helpful for others to know that on a phone – on my android anyway – it’s the ‘menu’ at top of page above the photo that needs to be clicked on to bring up options . On a tablet it’s the ‘home’ underneath the photo that needs to be clicked , not the Home’ above the five bullet points.
    Probably obvious to most people but may help others like me that stumble around websites.

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